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Pilot Training

The Finer Points teaches precision systems to single pilot operators which can help reduce fatal accident rates by as much as 90%.

Jason is an instructor for AOPA’s Air Safety Institute, has been selected FAA western regional CFI of the year, and is a contributor to Flying Magazine.

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Meet Jason

Jason Miller is one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s leading certified flight instructors and the host of The Finer Points Aviation Podcast.

Jason’s unique blend of expertise, passion for teaching, and performance background make this program informative and engaging—like no other podcast out there. With The Finer Points, Jason will keep you informed on the latest innovations in aviation technology and serve up flying tips and tricks he’s honed during his 20 years flying.

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“I am particularly struck with Jason's professional dedication to conveying pertinent and meaningful information to his listeners.”

Captain Barry Schiff

“Your podcast saved me from a potential off airport landing.”

Tom, private pilot
Peyton, Colorado

“A short run through the NTSB accident database is like a primer for your teachings. I hope you keep it up for years to come.”

Rob Doyle, private pilot
Hobart, Tasmania

Adventure Training Trips

Each summer since 2011 we’ve been running adventure training trips to the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. This has grown into an Island Adventure in the Pacific Northwest coming into its 3rd year and our maiden voyage of a Canyon Adventure in the Northern Sonora Desert. These trips are designed as all inclusive trips that teach contingency planning and survival as part of the core curriculum. They are open to pilots from all over the world. It’s been incredibly rewarding pairing clients with some of the expert instructors we’ve met here over the last 20 years. If you’d like to join us on one of our Adventure Training Trips please visit this page for more details.

Mountains, islands, and canyons