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Get a free subscription to Ground School by joining.

Get a free subscription to Ground School by joining The Finer Points CFI Club!

What is the CFI Club?

The CFI Club is a group of passionate flight instructors around the world who are:

  • committed to improving their craft

  • teaching new fight instruction principles developed by The Finer Points

  • contributing feedback to make Ground School the best flight training app on the market.

The club is open to any person, anywhere in the world who holds a flight instructor or ground instructor certificate for Airplanes, Gliders, or Helicopters.

It’s totally free to be a member. All you need is your CFI certificate.

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As a member of the CFI Club you get free access to the Ground School app. You’ll also get:

  • Access to our monthly CFI meetings on Zoom. During these meetings, Jason typically introduces a concept that is particularly helpful to CFIs, and then we discuss any issues you might be having with students. You’ll benefit from Jason’s insights built over 20 years as a CFI and from the insights of the other members of the CFI Club. These meetings are not mandatory, attend if you want to; skip it if you can’t make it. No pressure. The club is for you.

  • A 25% discount for all of your students on the Ground School app! This is a $75 savings and will help you stand out as an instructor who is working with the best team of CFIs in the flight training industry.


The CFI Club is totally free to join; however, we hope that you will stay engaged with the development of Ground School and help us continue building the best flight training product on the market. We kindly ask that you:

  • If your students use Ground School to prepare for the FAA Knowledge Test, send us anonymous missed question codes from your students’ written test results. We’ve built a huge database of questions but are always looking for holes in our game.

  • Send us feedback on the Ground School app. Plain and simple. You can’t hurt our feelings. Good or bad, we want to know.

  • If it’s in your heart, let the world know. Leave us a review on the App Store and help future aviators find their way to the best training around!

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