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Finer Points flight training will help you build confidence as a pilot and become a better and safer aviator.

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Jason is an instructor for AOPA’s Air Safety Institute, has been selected FAA western regional CFI of the year, and is a contributor to Flying Magazine.

Ground School

Our new Flight Training app for the iPad contains the knowledge you need to fly. Experience is the difference.

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Ground School app course screen showing chapter circles

Ground School is a complete flight training system built from experience.

Ground School is a brand-new flight training app that will help you acquire the knowledge you need to be a better and safer pilot. With qualified instruction from one of the most respected CFIs on the flight line, you’ll be confident, ready and prepared for your FAA written exam and your next checkride.

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An elegant interface

It's easy to keep track of progress and currency with an intuitive modern design and interface.

Study your mistakes

After you complete a test attempt you will see which questions you answered incorrectly and now have the ability to see the answer explanation along with a source reference.

Ground School app course screen showing chapter circles surrounded by yellow and red progress bars

Knowledge Recall™

Knowledge Recall is a form of spaced repetition

Through our Knowledge Recall feature the app will measure your knowledge decay over time and prompt you to take a short quiz as your currency lapses.

Ground School app lesson video showing in-cockpit pilot’s eye view over instrument panel

Pilot Perspective™

All Skills videos are filmed from the design eye height of the airplane.

Our custom made filming setup uses 4 cameras mounted at the design eye height of the airplane. In an age where so many training videos show cameras mounted on the tail and other strange exterior shots, we show pilots exactly where to look to learn the sight pictures they need to succeed. We call this Pilot Perspective™. Your instructor will be impressed.

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Pilot Proficiency Dashboard

The Pilot Proficiency dashboard is designed to distill all your interactions with the app into a single screen showing your strong and weak areas.

Your proficiency is measured across three metrics: Knowledge, Skill, and Risk. These are the same measurements the FAA uses during checkrides to measure pilot proficiency. Ground School aims to assess your checkride readiness across all three metrics.

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Reference Library

Cross-reference lesson content and question answer explanations to included source FAA reference texts to deepen your knowledge.

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Five star rating

Like having your own CFI at home

This is the only ground school app I’ve seen that makes you feel like you are receiving one-on-one flight instruction… it has so many high-tech graphics and illustrations to go with it.

Five star rating

A great way to self-study for the FAA written!

Jason Miller of TFP turns on the afterburners with this new ground school study option! Fantastic visuals and animations, coupled with clearly written material vetted by multiple active CFIs. Get this app, and pass your test or refresh for an upcoming Flight Review!

Five star rating

Great App for student or licensed pilot!

I wish this was around when I did my PPL. I don’t think anyone (student or pilot) could go wrong with utilizing this app to its fullest potential and with one of the best long-time active CFI’s in the right seat… it’s a no brainer.

Five star rating

Quality Instruction at Its Best

Jason is one of the best CFIs around. His ability to explain complex information in an easy to understand way is top notch. It’s clear that this is the result of his many years of instruction. Thanks, Jason, for helping me to fly my best.

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Meet Jason

Jason Miller is one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s leading certified flight instructors and the host of The Finer Points Aviation Podcast.

Jason’s unique blend of expertise, passion for teaching, and performance background make this program informative and engaging—like no other podcast out there. With The Finer Points, Jason will keep you informed on the latest innovations in aviation technology and serve up flying tips and tricks he’s honed during his 20 years flying.

Jason is the inventor of the Lindbergh Reference, a unique practice for improving your flying skills.

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“I am particularly struck with Jason's professional dedication to conveying pertinent and meaningful information to his listeners.”

Captain Barry Schiff

“Your podcast saved me from a potential off airport landing.”

Tom, private pilot
Peyton, Colorado

“A short run through the NTSB accident database is like a primer for your teachings. I hope you keep it up for years to come.”

Rob Doyle, private pilot
Hobart, Tasmania

Adventure Training Trips

Each summer since 2011 we’ve been running adventure training trips to the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. This has grown into an Island Adventure in the Pacific Northwest coming into its 3rd year and our maiden voyage of a Canyon Adventure in the Northern Sonora Desert. These trips are designed as all inclusive trips that teach contingency planning and survival as part of the core curriculum. They are open to pilots from all over the world. It’s been incredibly rewarding pairing clients with some of the expert instructors we’ve met here over the last 20 years. If you’d like to join us on one of our Adventure Training Trips please visit this page for more details.

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