Flight training like you’ve never experienced before.

Hello aviators!

Over the last 20 years it has been my passion to develop training systems that help pilots achieve their absolute best. This effort has resulted in a 97% completion rate and a 95% first time check ride pass rate for students and advanced pilots. More importantly, these pilots are safe, efficient, and flying to professional standards.

We accomplish this together by applying a student/coach strategy. You are the star athlete and will ultimately have to run the race, my job is to make sure you bring your best game. Some days we “go to the gym” and work on aerial exercises or instrument skills. Other days are “scrimmages” where we fly real world scenarios, VFR and IFR. The simulator can be used to time your reaction to various failures and immerse you in situations we could never experience in the airplane.

It doesn’t matter what make and model you fly. I teach professional procedures. From pistons to jets, these systems will make you a better and safer pilot. Much of what I teach is conceptual and we can work together in the real world or through Google Hangouts; certain lessons are effective either way. My time is valuable and I know yours is too. I will do everything I can to make your training efficient. I will give you exercises and skill building drills for you to practice on your own, take notes on our flight and share them via spreadsheet with you, and make sure you always know what’s coming on the next lesson. There is nothing that makes me happier than helping you achieve your aeronautical goals.

— Jason Miller, ATP CFII

Let’s Go Flying

If you are in Northern California or would like to make plans to visit, we can schedule a flight lesson. We’re a short drive from SFO and there is a hotel located on the field at KSQL. If you’d like to set up regular lessons, I fly Wednesday–Friday from 7:00am–4:00pm. The schedule is usually pretty full but we’re always finishing students so please give us a shout and we can discuss your schedule and timing.

Notable Clients

Jason is proud to have trained pilots from the following companies.